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Platinum partnership is best for organizations interested in delivering NovusPoint through OpenFabric technology directly to clients. A Bull Partner is an authorized system-integrator of NovusPoint products and may market, promote, and resell Novus Point products in conjunction with any of the Bull Partner’s services and products.


Gold partnership is best for individuals or firms interested in selling NovusPoint through OpenFabric technology without taking an active role in its delivery or support. A Bear Partner acts as a contractor, working autonomously to introduce NovusPoint products to financial entities.

Partners Take the Lead

Partner companies maintain the lead on acquisitors. You deliver, and we support you and your client.

Expand Opportunities

NovusPoint enables capital-based companies to pursue technology opportunities.

Training and Technical Support

Partners gain access to a full catalogue of NovusPoint industry certifications, technical repositories, and live support.

NovusPoint delivers a solution through our exclusive network of partners, resellers and system integrators. We provide training, demonstration platforms, technical expertise, and sales support to our partners pursuing new opportunities.