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openfabric design

OpenFabric is a radically new AI ecosystem where financial data can interconnect with other disparate data types to transform into new and critical insights. OpenFabric converges across all data types, and seamlessly integrates with multiple tools to achieve true hyperconvergence between all systems. NovusPoint designed and implemented this graph data fabric technology to help you drive growth, manage risk, and connect legacy processes by providing analytics you control.

Are you utilizing your own data to its true potential?

What is the future of an open data fabric?

OpenFabric provides a dynamic and flexible dictionary for financial institutions to understand the behavior of their consumers, competitors, and all related networks.

The ecosystem is designed to improve the discovery and acquisition of your information. This creates an environment where all of your systems can communicate. The logical architecture defines the components of the ecosystem and how they work together to provide the services that the system uses.

Fabric architecture

OpenFabric is a triple store implemented through an iterative process of evaluating industry-standard and cutting-edge approaches. Selecting aspects of these approaches maximizes our core goals of scalability, query performance, and flexibility. This also minimizes complexity, conceptual overhead, and development effort.

The triple store and the surrounding ecosystem of tools combine to form what we call the OpenFabric ecosystem, which can be thought of as a single graph data fabric entity that functions either standalone or as a part of a larger suite of storage, analytic, and interactive components. In either implementation, OpenFabric provides a variety of benefits that differentiate it from other data analytics solutions.

Triple Store Technology

Our triple store technology is comprised of microtools that create, retrieve and modify pieces of data.

Data Fabric

Microservices that interface with the data store and perform distributed computations upon the data.

OpenFabric Intelligence

The OpenFabric correlates identifying key connections between individuals, groups, topics, and other variables of interest across all data sources regardless of origin and structure.

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