who we are

In 2013 our parent company, Equitus, was formed by Special Operators that recognized the need for an end-to-end intelligence platform to collect, transform, and combine data into a powerful analytics ecosystem. The realization came from years of special operators with limited or no coding experience struggling with intricate tools to keep up with the amount of data being collected.

The result was comprehensive analytics that have applicability to any mission involving big data analysis, data exploitation, data ingestion, metadata analysis, and data visualization.


With our parent company providing Big Data services to the Military and Defense industries, NovusPoint.Al will be providing services to many commercial industries, ranging from: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, and more.

Organizations are collecting more data now than ever before, leading them to search for and develop new technologies that can help with big data management. NovusPoint.Al aims to satisfy that need through its Al-driven data unification platform.

Special operations forces team raiding in desert