Hyper-Convergence By Design

Achieve unprecedented awareness from the totality of your data through a single ecosystem where each intelligence activity informs the other. Novus Point offers a complete analytics solution for financial processes to be implemented through a powerful next-gen data architecture. Data convergence in each system, hyperconvergence between each system.

an End-to-end graph ecosystem
  • Automated data and information aggregation at scale and speed, we use graph technology to maximize computational efficiency
  • Automated Correlation: Identifies key connections between individuals, groups, topics, and other variables of interest across INT sources
  • Timelines: Visualize temporal chart data to identify overlaps and anomalies in event timelines


open-source intelligence
monitor, analyze, and interact in real-time
  • Anonymized searching: no digital footprint
  • Monitor hundreds of millions of distinct social sites: discover conversations on previously unknown sites
  • Evolving Topics: machine learning detects topics you didn’t know to search for, which gives you awareness of the unknown
  • Trend analysis: track and analyze spikes and dips in topic interest
knowledge management
turns inert documents into discoverable entities
  • Ingest unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data
  • Analyze typed, handwritten, or printed text from more than 1500 different file types
  • Visualization/ Geospatial analysis: view your data as a table, map, link chart, timeline, histogram, etc.
  • Metadata extraction: automatically extract relevant data to ensure information reliability
  • Customization: establish custom dictionaries and ontologies to derive intelligence from any situation
Geospatial Intelligence
The common operating picture enabling geospatial visualization of data
  • Upload specific maps, utilize specific icon sets, and view various overlays like countries or provinces.
  • Advanced geospatial tools and analytics.
  • Visualize both spatial and temporal data.
  • Supports over 200 data formats, including live updates.

rapid accessibility


NovusPoint provides a package with solutions that are integrated seamlessly into a single, fully-functional offering. This gives us the ability to provide a customized analytic environment in days instead of months.
Our system architecture is designed to provide intelligence and business analysts with unique tools to carry out analyses of varying degrees of complexity. Our Commercial-Off-the-Shelf platform is built, tested, and delivered whether it be in hybrid, enterprise, or large-scale cloud systems.
Before delivering a system, we assess the current analytic environment to identify enterprise-specific configuration and integration requirements. Upon delivery, we provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) training to initial users to achieve Initial Operational Capability. We then build specific use cases to provide training across your organization to achieve Full Operational Capability.

open architecture


NovusPoint delivers a fully-functional system that includes the entire analytics ecosystem and full range of capabilities, regardless of platform size. OpenFabric allows users to pick and choose which capabilities will replace or enhance legacy capabilities.  Regardless of end-tool selection for use, the platform will continue to combine, correlate, and serve data from across various processes as a single ecosystem. OpenFabric can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to preserve legacy technology and data investments. This makes upgrading, expanding, or adding additional capabilities more cost effective.

NovusPoint offers systems that utilize open-standard graph databasing that is easily accessed by legacy systems, as well as any new tools that may be selected in the future.  NovusPoint ingests and extracts massive amounts of information, fusing data from all sources into a centralized graph database. These systems also contain and support various API standards to ingest or export data to integrate and maintain exchange server compatibility according to client specifications.